Based on your overall goals, we will customize a plan that fits your needs. 

|Closet Clean Out|

- We organize your closet by season and category

- We pull items that are outdated or ill fitting for donation or resale 

- We provide a list of missing pieces to help update and modernize your wardrobe 

*Custom hangers available for purchase with closet organization*

| Wardrobe Styling & Lookbook|

- We style outfits with items you currently own, making old pieces feel new again and show you ways to complete your look with new purchases  

                   - We take pictures of each outfit and provide you with a lookbook

| Professional Packing |

- Going somewhere Exotic?  Traveling for business?  Wherever your destination may be we will come to you & personally pack outfits for you (and your little ones too).

- Outfits will be put together accordingly.

|Personal Shopping|

- We select items based on your needs and lifestyle, making shopping painless and eliminating the hassle of figuring out what to buy for yourself

-Don't have time to go shopping for yourself, let alone someone else?  We have you covered, answer a few questions and we'll take care of the rest

- You will walk away with clothing that makes you look better but more importantly feel better

(Short on time? Online shopping is also available for service)

|Closet Move In|

- Packing/Unpacking of boxes

- Carefully hanging each item

- Wardrobe is merchandised by season and category


* Prices vary by service *

* For price inquiries please contact us *

* 72 hour cancelation policy *