Nothing in your closet to wear? You’re probably wrong!

(Written by Alex Buck Ceo & Co-Founder of Plumwise)

You know those women who are perfectly dresses and accessorized with the right mix of chic and funky all the time? Well 'm not one of them. I can't just throw random things together and have them look fabulous.

Enter Ashley and Adrea from A Squared Wardrobe (and thanks to my husband for one of the most fun birthday gifts ever). A Squared goes into your closet and pulls together outfits with clothes you already own. Here's how it works.

Ashley and Adrea arrive with a clothes rack and take stock of what is in your closet. Oh, and while they're at it, they organize everything so it looks like one of those fake closets at the Container Store. No kidding - it's  work of art. 

They compile full outfits for you to try on with accessories, shoes, purses, the whole shebang. If you're like me, you will likely say "you are crazy - those totally don't go together." But then -

they do.

Then you spend the next couple of hours like a runway model. Trying on clothes, posing, laughing, and twirling. I found out really interesting things like the fact that I have been wearing almost all of my skirts incorrectly – hip height instead of on the waist. The whole waist thing was lost on me. I always thought this skirt was too small, and then – voila!


And at the end of it all? You get a hard copy lookbook with all the outfits you love, tips from Adrea and Ashley (you will become a front-tuck believer) and suggestions of items you can buy to fill out your wardrobe.


Cuffed white jeans and leopard heels for the office? Absolutely!